Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Thirteen: A picture of your favorite band or artist

This is so HARD for me. I love, love, LOVE music.  I have so many favorites and it's so hard to choose just one...but I'm going with The Beatles on this one!  I definitely am not a lifer on the Beatles bandwagon.  I didn't start to really get into them until late 2009 when The Beatles Rockband came out.  Of course I knew all the popular songs: Can't Buy Me Love, All You Need is Love, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, etc. etc. etc.  I always loved the idea of Guitar Hero but my hands are NOT equipped to play the guitar and the songs on those games are always so awful.  Eighties hair bands and modern "rock" songs.  Terrible.  I knew that the Beatles Rockband would be much better musically and boy was it ever!!  I started out as the drummer on the game and quickly elevated to guitar and singing (usually at the same time!) since the keys on the guitar are much closer together on the rockband guitar it was much easier to play.  And the songs. Well...let's not even go there.  I fell totally in love with the music AND the band! As it turns out, the best of the Beatles are the songs they didn't release as singles!  Now I have most of the old vintage records, all the remastered CD's plus the game on THREE systems.  I may have been a late Beatles bloomer but I'm making up for lost time!

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