Friday, August 26, 2011

Eagles don't flock. You have to find them one at a time.

Martha Stewart Flocking Powder

There are two stores you should never ever take me into if: A)you want to get out of the store before closing time, and B) you don't want me to spend every penny I have. These are: office supply stores and craft stores. No one gave my husband this memo because yesterday, he took me to the craft store. His intention was to get a signed poster custom framed. My intention? Hello?! Crafts. 

The problem with myself and crafts is that I have absolutely no filter. There is no craft too easy, difficult, or expensive for me. And if it's on sale...I'll do it. I don't care what it is, what it does, or if it even creates a useful product. Just this year alone I've started knitting and felting, as well as making plushies (which my cats LOVE), paper, bath bombs, laundry detergent (maybe not so much a craft)...the list goes on.

My husbands first mistake (other than taking me to a craft store in the first place) was taking me to Michael's. Why you ask? Because Michael's sells an exclusive line of crafty things by my most favorite crafty person; Martha Stewart (It's OK, you can totally judge me for it. I love her anyway). His second mistake came when I said "I'm just going to look around while you get an estimate." His response, "OK." I doubt he'll make that mistake twice. I started out looking for things I could use for my nail art venture (which you can view at your leisure here at: BeePolished. Shameless marketing I know.) I did manage to find some tiny glass beads but they were a little more expensive than I felt was worth it so I skipped them. Then I got caught up in the paper aisle for awhile because it was all 40% off. And there is nothing (non-living) in this world that I love more than paper. Nothing. (OK, SOME things). But miraculously I managed to escape the FOUR aisles of paper with nothing to purchase (I should seriously get a medal for that) And then...I spotted it. The Martha Stewart craft aisle. 

The Martha aisle is at the VERY front of the store and the framing department is at the VERY back of the store. So you'd think I'd have just RUN up to the front to see what she had, but this is not how the Martha aisle operates. It has to be savoured. It's the treat in the cereal box (Do they even do that anymore?) that you have to wait until JUST the right bowl of cereal to find (Who am I kidding? Are we the only ones who dumped the whole bag into a giant bowl to get the toy?). The dessert at the end of a meal (Right, like you wait? You're an adult, remember? Dessert sometimes IS dinner.) Even better than finding the aisle after perusing the whole store is finding the aisle has turned yellow. Yes...yellow. You know what that means: clearance labels! Granted, most of the clearance items were gone. But as fate would have it there were TWO large (and ridiculously cute) jars of glass micro beads. Perfect for my nail art AND within a more than reasonable price point. Better still...the row above the completely wiped out glass beads was filled with: wait for it...wait for it...


Flocking powder. Doesn't it look SO soft?

What IS flocking powder? Well...I have no idea. But it came in fun jars and colors, looked exceptionally fluffy and soft AND it was on clearance. So I bought one of every color (except dark pink. You have to have SOME standards). Of course my husband questioned my flocking powder purchase to which I responded (quite rationally), 

"But it's Martha Stewart!" 

And the best thing about buying Martha crafts? You know that somewhere on her website, she has some kind of craft requiring said item (and usually quite a few other things that you'll NEED to return to the craft store to purchase!)...and so without further adieu...I present to you: FLOCKING!! (which is actually SUPER fun, SUPER easy and SOOOO soft.)

Feel free to click on the picture to blow it up and see the EPIC softness of the flocking. It's can feel the screen too...I won't judge you (maybe a little) :)

Guess who's getting flocked EVERYTHING this year? That's right: everyone. :P

Side note: It costs no less than $260 to have a 13x8 inch poster custom framed. You might think I'm kidding or exaggerating but I promise I'm not. That's highway robbery. End rant.

Bee x

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