Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Friday Night

If life were like a movie, than my Friday night would have been narrated as so:

"Bee had recently aqquired some bath bombs from LUSH. Not feeling well, she decided to take a bath and have a cup of tea. This is the story of that night..."

At first it doesn't sound very exciting (it wasn't) but then that creepy announcers voice starts to get under your skin. And the way he says that, so serious, "This is the story of that night." Now you start to think, well maybe things didn't go according to plan (they never do). And then your mind starts to race thinking, what DID happen. Maybe the bath bomb made the tub slick and she slid, spilled the tea thus burning herself, hit her head and drowned (unlikely as I'm writing this). Or maybe the bath was so relaxing she forgot about the tea and the whole house burned down (more likely but still, no). OR still yet, maybe the tea cup had a small crack in it which caused it to expolde, thus burning her, and then sparking a loose cord on the floor starting a fire for which she attempted to call the fire department but ends up falling INTO the tub WITH the phone which sparks an electric shock and she dies. (very Final Destination of you but still no. Side note: DId those movies creep anyone else out? I mean, I can't walk through my house now without seeing at least a hundred things that could possibly kill me in various stages of horrible circumstance.) No actually, my night went pretty much as planned. I had my tea, Earl Grey with lemon -- BEST kind to have, took my bath, and went to bed. Yeah my Friday nights aren't the most exciting, but let's face it; I'm married and I've been sick. I have excuses (lots of them). In fact, the creepiest thing to happen to me all night was this picture I took of my bath. I think I need to call up the GhostHunters (or use less photoshop) it certainly didn't look like that in person...
Bee x

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