Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My love affair with Butter London...

L to R: Cheeky Chops, Teddy Girl, Toff, Queen Vic

There are few products that I love so much I feel like everyone should own them. It's rather difficult to impress me because I know what I like and most of the time, products just don't deliver. Butter London is one of those products.

Fairly recently I've gotten very into nail polish again.
I used to be crazy into painting my nails (back when I was 13 or 14 or so) so much so that my parents bought me a nail stamping machine for Christmas one year. I LOVED that stamping machine. In a time when nail art wasn't mainstream, it gave me an edge that most people didn't have. Then came the Cover Girl crackle polishes which I of course, HAD to have. And then one day, just like that, I sort of grew out of it. It was by happenstance that I stumbled upon a blog about a year ago, called The Daily Nail. The premise of the blog was simple: 365 days of nail art. No repeats. Of course by the time I came across the blog it was more than a year old. But still, the nail art continued. And as I perused the blogs past articles filled with shiny flashy nails and bright colors, I found something else. Stamping was in. In a HUGE way. In fact there are now many companies selling these stamp kits. Nostalgia kicked in and I realized that something I had once been so into, was suddenly cool. Score. I started pumping up my polish collection fairly quickly, and of course, I ordered some stamps!! I learned all kinds of new terms: matte, satin, suede, flakies, glitter, jellies...the world of nail polish had changed dramatically from the simple creme or glitter days of my youth. And I started experimenting with different brands as well. And by chance, I found a brand that I'd been craving for months at my local Ulta one day. The brand? Butter London. A now Seattle based polish company which, as luck would have it, was 3Free, vegan, AND came in amazing colors with fun names like Snog and Teddy Girl. So I picked up a few. And just like that...I fell in love. 
Today was buy one get one free day on Butter London's at my Ulta. Although someone might have told the salesgirl that because when I asked to be double sure (I had misplaced my flier) she told me she thought it was buy two get one free. Oh well...free is free. I intended to pick up Toff (part of the new fall collection) and Artful Dodger (part of the Spring collection) but found out quite quickly that Artful Dodger is no longer carried at Ulta's (I see a trip to Nordstrom in my future!). So I had to reassess. I had Toff and Queen Vic in my hand and was pondering Cheeky Chops when another salesgirl offered me a very helpful piece of advice. There is a limit of four polishes. Score. All I had to do was find ONE more color and I'd just get four for the price of two. So I picked up Teddy Girl (I need some new pinks for Wednesdays!) and headed for the check lanes.

Now, there are many reasons I love butter London. Some are silly (it has London in the title, comes in a square bottle, and has super cute names) and some are legitimate (it goes on smooth as butter, dries to an impossibly shiny finish, gets on with my Seche Vite, and lasts for AGES) but there's one reason I love it that I'd forgotten about until I began checking out today. What's that?

As I'm talking to the cashier she tells me how she's trying to decide which butter London colors to grab before she leaves for the day and she flashes me two polished fingers. POLISHED with Butter London polish FROM THE SHELF. Ew. I'm quite aware that buying used nail polish is unlike buying other used things (lipstick, eyeliner, underwear >_<) but still it skeeves me out. I almost always reach for polishes at the back of the counters when I shop. I don't want to polish my nails with something which: A) has been on your who-knows-where-they've-been fingers. And B) has polish missing from it. Albeit a negligible amount in most cases. And that's the thing I love most about my butter London polishes. The little seal on the side that tells me that no one's grimy fingers have been in my polish before me!! :)

Bee x

(Side note: sale is on til the end of the day 9/20 so head to your nearest Ulta and pick up a few of these! I swear they're worth it!)

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