Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I'm obsessed with this week...

This week has been epically long. And for some reason, SUPER busy.  I have had NO time to get much of anything done and I've been ridiculously tired.  Still, I managed to squeeze in some time for the things that I'm loving most this week. I intended for this to be a Friday Five blog...but it's coming on a Saturday. And since I'm too lazy to do a Saturday're getting a Friday Five a little late (hey, we all know how I like to procrastinate!).  Here goes...

Eliza Doolittle is a British singer/songwriter from London.  I stumbled across her single, Rollerblades, awhile back on iTunes and I finally decided to buy her album this week.  I seriously can't stop listening to it.  It's one part quirky pop and one part British soul.  Think Lily Allen with a twist.  :)  You can check her out by clicking here (or hitting me up for some sample tracks!!)  Best tunes on the album? Skinny Genes, Go Home, and Moneybox.

Umeboshi.  I'm back on the bento train in a HUGE way and since I discovered umeboshi a few weeks back I'm LOVING it.  Plus there's nothing more satisfying than a fat, sweet onigiri with a salty umeboshi in the center. :)

Barry M nail varnish. I got my very first Barry M's from a wonderful friend in London through the post months ago.  And now I'm completely hooked.  Not only are they pretty cheap (most are only £2.99) but the coverage is great and they last forever on my nails.  A feat for someone like me who is always doing something with their hands!

Toothy tabs from LUSH.  Not only are these good for the environment (and your mouth!), vegan, and fairtrade but they also make my mouth feel cleaner than any toothpaste EVER has.  And that's saying something!

And finally...

Coffee!! Let's face it it's no secret that I LOVE coffee.  But this week it's been fairly cold outside and that coupled with lack of sleep has made coffee my new best friend.  I think I've finally talked the husband into buying a fancy new Keurig coffee machine so when that comes, my coffee habit is sure to increase dramatically! :)

Hope everyone is having a good week. What kinds of things are YOU obessed with right now?

Bee x

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