Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bliss Steep Mask

 Bliss Steep Clean® Mask is a pore-plunging, clog-clearing, professional-strength facial mask that transforms skin into a scene of extreme purity in just 15 minutes. This skincare essential exfoliates dead skin cells for a smoother complexion, prevents clogged pores to minimize breakouts, minimizes large pores, and brightens skin. It is a must-have for all (but especially congested) skin types.

Or at least, that's what Bliss has to say about this mask.  What do I think?  Well, it's a well known fact that I LOVE masks.  There are a few reasons for this but mostly I'm just really lazy with my skin care routine and I like quick fixes.  I also like to be able to relax and feel pampered without leaving my house.  Having other people's hands all over me (especially on my face! Ick!)  is a recurring nightmare of mine.  The idea of walking into a spa for a day stresses me out more than anything they do there would ever calm me down.  

This particular mask was sent to me as a sample and I couldn't wait to try it.  It says it will do so many great things for my skin.  It also comes in two packages which you get to mix together to form the mask!  It's fun AND useful.  So I got out the packets and did as they say. Mix the blue and the yellow together until it turns green.  I wouldn't say it really turns green.  It makes a foamy, creamy, greenish mixture that you then massage onto your skin.  As you massage it seems to get warm (though this could be from the motion of your hands) and it gets even creamier.  Then you leave it for 15 minutes.  Easy enough.  It smells great.  Fresh, soothing, and clean.  And it doesn't get hard on my skin which is something that makes me crazy with masks. I just can't stand the way it feels on my skin. >_<
Plus it has a nice, subtle tingling effect which makes you feel like it's working.  

One thing I noticed when I went to wipe it off is that it turns kind of clear as it sits on your face.  I don't know if it's because it soaks into your skin or what but it's almost how did it work?

Pretty well actually.  My skin felt softer, smoother, cleaner.  It looked better too.  My pores were less noticeable, blackheads were gone, and my whole face looked glowy.  The smell lingers too which is kind of nice.  This mask retails for $54 for 3.4oz.  Would I pay that price for it? No.  Because while it smells nice, is easy to apply, and makes my skin feel awesome, it's still not as great as what I'm using now. And my current go-to mask doesn't require me to do chemistry to use it. :P  Here's an insider tip though. If you try this mask and love it (and you will) you can pick up a smaller version (which is pre-mixed) on Amazon for 29.99.  And that's a price I'd totally pay. 



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