Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five: Vacation!!

This week's Friday Five is vacation pics!  Since we all know what my favorite part of vacation is...well, you should all know what kind of pictures are coming!   I took a mini vacation up to Holland, Saugutuck, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The weather was AWFUL.  It was raining the entire time I was there and it.was.cold.  I am an east coast girl, I have weathered winters in New York and Pennsylvania and I'm no wimp when it comes to the cold but it was seriously freezing the whole time we were gone.  It didn't help that we stayed right on the lake. Anyway we had fun perusing shops and looking at the scenery.  And we DID see one lighthouse.  Because it's mandatory that you do anytime you are near a body of water!  But here's what we did most:

First night there we ate at the 8th Street Grille (on 8th Street, duh) in Holland.  If you go there--and if you're in Holland you SHOULD go there-- get the Apple Bread Pudding.  I do not like cooked apples.  I do not like ice cream.  I do not like caramel.  This has all three.  It's to die for and this massive plate of it only costs $3.  Yum :)

Morning two: Alpen Rose for  breakfast.  I got this cappuccino which was delicious AND pretty. :)

Also got this avocado and monterey jack frittatta.  The best thing about this breakfast?  The potatoes.  They make their 'home fries' out of actual ROUNDS of potatoes and they're cooked with onions.  Delicious.  We also got homemade strawberry jam and strawberry's :)  Fancy.  Their choices vary by season so there's no telling what you'll get when you go but one thing I can say for them is their customer service is unrivaled.  I don't think I've ever felt more welcome or well taken care of at a restaurant.  And I eat out A LOT so that's saying something.

Dinner night two: 8th Street Grille again.  The plan was to eat at the Good Earth Cafe.  For some reason it was closed.  On night one we discovered AFTER we had ordered that there was a seasonal menu so we decided to go back and take advantage of it.  This is ricotta and asparagus ravioli's with pine nuts.  Delicious? Yes.  Also VERY greasy which sucked.  While the 8th Street Grille has great food, this is the third time I've been there and had less than stellar service.  I think if you go there frequently and get to know the staff, you'll be treated better but for a place which is situated in the middle of tourist town...they should be more open and friendly.  Drinks were left empty on the table more than once, we had to wait enormous amounts of time to place an order and both waiters seemed disappointed we didn't order drinks. is yummy.  This is also the very first time their famous soup bar was actually open.  All the soups contained meat so I skipped them. But I'm told the chicken corn chowder is delicious.

Home sweet home.  My coffee this morning in my favorite Dharma mug. :) Vacation was fun and I can't wait to go again (we all know how I hate being home) but now I'm feeling sickly and tired.  Vacation hangover is no fun. :P  Happy to be relaxing with my lovely husband though. :)  

Last time I was in Holland my friend Aubrey and I ate at the Wooden Shoe restaurant.  It's not great.  Sort of like a Bob Evans but with smaller portions and cheaper food.  I'm not sure what's Dutch about it other than the name because nothing on the menu is Dutch.  It's a big tourist attraction but honestly, I'd skip it if I were you.  Unless you like clogging!

Side note: I've been informed by my husband that we only eat at "trendy" places.  Which may be true considering the reviews/descriptions of the places we ate!  (At home we always eat at the newest places too.  And then we move on to the next, what can I say, we're food snobs!)  So there are plenty of 'non' trendy places to eat in Holland as well.  If anyone has been to either of these places (or some others!) I'd love to hear about it! 

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