Saturday, October 15, 2011

The joys of cleaning...

Yeah. I like polish. What?

Today is the first official day of my vacation.  And yet, I'm still at home. :(  But that will all be changing soon the meantime, I decided to spend my free day organizing my make-up and beauty supplies.  Something that's LONG overdue.  I think I went about it all the wrong way.  Instead of going through one drawer at a time, I hauled everything into the living room, turned on my favorite show (LOST) and pulled everything into a pile in the floor.  Now I'm completely overwhelmed at it all and wondering how I'm ever going to get it back in order. :/  I know, I have real problems don't I? :P  Aoife decided to come a long and help me out.  She climbed into my now empty helmer, layed down, and occasionally reaches a fat paw out to knock over a polish or two.  This is the look I got when I attempted to snag a few from the pile in front of her.  Not so nice. I'm still sorting through tons of polishes, lip glosses, eye shadows and various other beauty supplies.  But at least I know in a few days I'll be on glorious vacation somewhere nice. :) 

Yep. Cleaning up sure is a tiring job.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! :)


  1. lol, just love it !! they always do that, fall asleep in the least convenient places ha ha xx