Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kitty Love

So it's no secret that I have two kitties who I love more than anything.  They're super sweet (at least to me :P) and they're always very cuddly.  In fact there's only one problem with them...they're VERY attention hungry.  Aoife, my himalayan LOVES to follow me around and lay all over me and she purrs more than any cat I've ever had.  Eoghan on the other hand prefers to pretend that he doesn't need me until it's time to eat or at all odd hours of the early morning when no one can see that he's begging me for attention. Last night he woke me at 2AM so that he could get some love. Silly kitties.  Even though Eoghan was here first, Aoife is none too happy to share my time.  Today as I was getting ready to upload a blog on here, this happened:

 I don't know if he's cold, or he's sick, or he just finally decided that he wanted some attention from mama but that's Eoghan sleeping on my desk and totally blocking my screen.  You can't hear it but he's currently snoring like a freight train.  This is normally Aoife's spot when I'm typing although she's much better at flattening her fatness out so that I can still view the screen normally.  And she was not thrilled to have her spot stolen.  About ten minutes after this happened, I felt a tug on my leg.  I looked down and was greeted with this:

You can practically feel the detest.  She spent the past half hour moving from one side of my chair to the other, tapping on my legs and keyboard with her fat paws and crying as if to say "That's my spot!"  But Eoghan remains.  Now she's sulking in my vintage suitcase in the corner.  Poor, poor Aoife.  So no beauty blog for today on account of fat, jealous kitties.  But tomorrow perhaps something will turn up!  

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and as a side note, Happy Birthday to the innovative and imaginative John Lennon who died long before his time.  The Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland will be lit tonight at 4PM EST so catch it online if you have the chance. (and I guess this means Yoko Ono wasn't on the invite list to Paul McCartney's wedding today!! :P Couldnt' resist...and congrats to Paul!)


  1. love it! you can't beat a sulky puttycat xx

  2. Lol my kitties are very overdramatic! :P