Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nail Mail Fail :(

I recently placed my very first order with a beauty website called AveYou.com.  I don't generally purchase newer polishes online because I'd rather get them in the store.  But as The OPI Muppets Collection has yet to hit stores and I had some coupon codes from some lovely polish pals, I thought why not.  I ended up getting three of these for about $5 LESS than I would have paid in store.  And as a bonus I didn't have to drive anywhere!  Monday I was SO hopeful they'd come in the mail, but alas, it was Columbus Day.  No mail on Columbus Day.  So after an excruciatingly long wait today they finally arrived around 4:30PM.  I know...crazy right?  I got my package, opened it up and....super sads.  The Rainbow Connection bottle was nicely bubble wrapped but oddly, had polish around the outer bottom rim of the cap.  It gets worse.  I twisted the cap EVER so slightly AND....MAJOR POLISH SPILLAGE.  Glitter went everywhere.  The top of the bottle, as you can see, is cracked in half.  There is glitter on my hands.  There is glitter on my Helmer (which incidentally is full as of today :/ And I still have polish on the way. Yikes.).  There is glitter on my carpet.  There is even glitter on my poor kitty.  (I think it suits her :P)  I freaked.  Understandably.  And panicked.  And then cried.  Yes. Actual tears.  It's been a rough few days.  But then my husband, ever the calm one,  found me an empty bottle of Seche Vite (after suggesting I pour out one of my "cheap" polishes! Hello!? That's like killing your smallest child!) and I poured what was saveable into it.  And yet...

It looks so sad and not rainbowy in the Seche bottle.  And it doesn't have the nice wide brush that OPI's have.  I didn't even get to paint ONE stinkin nail with it before this.  So seriously lame.  Although most of the polish was saveable, this still gives me a wicked case of the sads.  I'm one of those people who still has the original boxes for EVERYTHING.  Having an OPI in a Seche Vite bottle is KILLING me right now.  KILLING.  And I can't even  put it next to my other OPI's because the shape makes it too bulky.  The shame.  But there is a bright side to all this!!  And that's the customer service at AveYou.com.  This is the first time I've ever ordered or received a damaged polish and let me tell you, I receive TONS of polish mail both from companies and from people.  I was a little worried about what the response would be when I wrote them about it and I took A TON of pictures just in case they asked. Pictures of the polish. Pictures of the mess. Pictures of the bubble wrap with glitter flecked all inside of it.  I wrote them and explained that it had cracked open when I touched it.  I told them my other two were fine.  I told them that most of the bottle was saveable.  And I told them I had pictures if they needed them.  (I've heard a lot of companies ask. Understandably.)  I kid you not.  FIVE minutes after I sent the email I had a response. And not one of those, We-got-your-email-you're-very-important-we'll-get-back-to-you-later auto-responses.  Nope.  A real email.  Which said they were terribly sorry, will resend the polish immediately and will look into what might have happened to my glorious Rainbow Connection after the evil postmen got their hands on it.  (Ok I might have embellished a little bit on that last part :P) So the moral of the story is: AveYou.com ROCKS. Tons. And I'll definitely order from them again (at some point!).  And you should too if you want great customer service. :)  Oh and as a total side note:  Warm and Fozzie is my new OPI love. I would marry it.  Gone Gonzo...not so much.  :P

Thanks for following! Do you have any polish mail horror stories?

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