Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wreck This Wednesday

Recently I came across a book called "Wreck This Journal".  It's not actually a book but, rather, as the name suggests it's a journal which instructs you in various ways how to wreck it.  I HATE destroying books.  Hate it.  I can't take dog eared pages or cracked spines or stains.  It bothers me just the thought of purposely destroying a wonderful book.  I love reading. And before you ask, no, I do not love e-Readers.  In fact I think they undermine the very glory that is reading and enjoying books.  Call me old fashioned. But I do love books.  Everything about them.  The smell. The feel. The sound of the pages as you turn them.  I have SO many books I couldn't begin to count them.  All in pristine condition (or close as since many were bought used).    Either way I thought it might be fun to accept the challenge of wrecking the journal.  So I ordered one and it came in the mail today.  This is what it looks like:

So every Wednesday I'm going to be doing one page from my journal until it is officially "wrecked".  I haven't decided yet if I'll do the pages in order or just randomly choose one each day.  But time will tell!! Today's page looks like this:

Since it's just the introduction page and not an actual page of the notebook I filled it out but no pics of the completed page. :P  You'll have to wait until next week to see what else is inside! 

As a side note: just after I took the pictures of my journal for this blog I returned to the place where I was taking pictures to find this:

I tried to move her from the spot and she responded with this look which is clearly saying "Don't even think about it."  *Sigh* silly Aoife always gets her way. :P

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello? Is it tea you're looking for?

So a few weeks back I was gifted some tea in a swap with a lovely fellow blogger, Debbie. For a short time thereafter I found a few black hills of something on my floor.  I suspected, but I couldn't really PROVE that my kitties were stealing said tea and ripping open the bags all over the floor.  For what reason you ask? Well, because they're cats and they can. That's why.  So today I set up a trap for them.  I set an open box of tea filled with GLORIOUS tea bags on the table and then I left the room for awhile.  I came back to find this:

Yes. The mysterious black piles were back.  And tea bag and no kitties to be found.  There was small trail of leaves leading down the hallway so I followed it.  And at the end of it I found this:

Notice the nonchalant look on her face and the tea tag sticking out from under her fat?  Yeah.  She totally took my tea and destroyed it.  Was I surprised? Well, no not really.  Aoife is forever stealing things and stashing them in her little piles all over the house.  I've lost numerous lip glosses, chap sticks, rings, bracelets, plus paper, bubble wrap and anything else she can shove into her fat little mouth.  What did surprise me was what I found while I was cleaning up the tea trail....

She had an accomplice!! Eoghan, who usually stays OUT of my things had snagged ANOTHER bag while I was cleaning up the mess from the first one which Aoife stole.  I watched him deftly remove the packaging and then proceed to gnaw on the tea until I took it out of his mouth.  He certainly was more brazen about it than Aoife who tries to hide evidence by laying on it almost every time she's caught with something she isn't  meant to have.  I guess from now on I'll have to keep my eye on these two! And keep my tea up high!