Saturday, January 14, 2012

Origins: Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash

First review of the new year, and it's a good one!  I'm working on a top five face cleaners but until then here's a quick review of this new Origins cleanser I got.  I love Origins products almost as much as I love Pangea.  Both companies are environmentally conscious, vegan*, and use natural ingredients not chemicals.  I have tried a MILLION face washes.  Cheap ones. Expensive ones.  There are a few I really liked, a few I really hated, and a whole lot of them that fell short in some way or another.  This is going on my love list.  The first thing I noticed about it was how thick it was.  You really have to squeeze this tube to get the product out.  I like the thickness because it means that I don't have to use as much product and it feels more luxe on your skin.  The smell of it is fresh and minty.  It feels tingly and refreshing on your skin and it froths and foams up into a creamy, rich lather but without bubbling like many 'soapy' cleaners do.  The best part is the way it makes my skin feel though.  There was ZERO tightness after I rinsed my face.  It felt clean, balanced, and soft.  I almost felt like I didn't even need moisturizer after and that hardly ever happens.  I got a small bottle of this and the price wasn't too bad.  5oz is less than $20 on the Origins website.  This is definitely a keeper for me!! 

Have you tried Origins products?

*some Origins products do contain humanely harvested honey. You can check their website at for a full list of these items.

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