Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Obsessed: Orofluido

First I want to apologize for the amount of time that has gone between posts on here.  I got SO busy with school and work and everything else that things just sort of fell to the wayside.  But I have SO many awesome products to share with you that it will make up for it, I promise!! This is the first one...

Awhile back I received a Birchbox which had a little hair oil in it by a brand called Orofluido.  I had never heard of it and had used a few hair oils in the past without much success.  But when I opened it I decided I just HAD to try it because it literally smells like my idea of Heaven.  It smells quite similar to one of my favorite perfumes called Hanae Mori Butterfly.  But more about that later. :P  I used it on my hair once and I was hooked.  It made my hair soft, shiny, sleek...all words I have probably never used to describe my hair.  Why is that you ask?  My hair is thick. My hair is curly. My hair does NOT behave. Like, ever.  I can't even tell you how many things I've tried in the past on my hair to attempt to make it behave.  I mostly keep it up and on the rare occasions when I have the time and the patience to straighten it, it still manages to be frizzy and annoying.  Or greasy.  Hate that.  Adding oil to obnoxious and sometimes greasy hair seems like a nightmare waiting to happen. But not this time.  Orofluido products contain Argan Oil (one of my FAVORITE products of 2012!), Linseed Oil, and Cypress Oil. And not a whole lot else.  They're all natural (which you know I love) and they protect hair from the sun as well as frizz and other sucky things.  I started using the shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with the oil and my hair is literally completely transformed.  It's sleeker, softer and I don't even have to use a million products to keep it silky and smooth all day.  Previously I had been using Redken Xtreme which I love mostly for the smell (and also because it makes my hair soft and clean) and the price on the Orofluido is only a little more at $14.99 a bottle.  The oil is a BIT higher at $29.99 but the teensy bottle I got from my Birchbox over two months ago still has a bit in it and I have thick, long hair so I feel like the bottle of oil will last me a VERY long time.  I've just learned they also sell a hair mask and a shine spray so if I get those I'll be reviewing them later but if any of you also have crazy hair I really encourage you to at LEAST try out the oil.  It will convince you I promise!!


  1. hhhmmmmm I LOVE Moroccan oil. I bought that and some Moroccan Oil hair styling gunk for £30 each last summer and they're only half gone as I only wash hair once a week. Love love love xxx I almost stepped into parody there, but JUST pulled it back ha ha x

    1. I'm kind of obsessed with Argan Oil atm!