Sunday, May 6, 2012

My week in photos...

Some of you may be familiar with the iPhone app, Project 365.  If you're not, it's basically a photo journal app which allows you to upload one photo everyday and a short description of your day/the photo.  I've been trying to keep mine going even though I'm busy and often forget things like this.  But I've actually done really well. I started March 1st and I've had a picture everyday so far!!  It's actually really fun for me to look back on now because in March I was still in school and there were so many things I wasn't sure how were going to play out for me.  Now I can look back at those pictures and know how things turned out!  I recently got a job with my degree which was a little shocking for me because essentially I just walked into the interview and got hired.  No trade test.  Not a whole lot of questions.'s the job do you want it?  It's a good opportunity for me and I can't wait to start!  All those crazy days at school paid off!  Anyway...I wanted to share with you guys my week for last weeks Project 365.  The pic above, in case you were wondering, is from January. My husband and I made some fondue. :)

Here we go!


Sunday my husband was off so we spent the day together. This is a PacMan arcade game at a local record store.  We didn't buy anything but we had fun playing the game! We also saw The Hunger Games at the theater which is the first movie we've seen together at the theater since Star Wars Episode One (in 3D!).


I was lazy on Monday and totally forgot to snap a picture. Bad me. Still, I had a fairly awful day and my husband took me out to a fancy place for dinner to make me feel better. :)  My kitty, Eoghan also turned two.


With no job prospects in sight on Tuesday I made up a price menu so I could freelance a bit.  Also got my business cards printed. My sister made the designs for me and they came out amazing!  I also got a new position at work and it was NOT one I wanted. 


Wednesday was busy for me and I neglected to take a picture until close to bed time which resulted in this kitty shot.  I got to see my grandparents which was nice because it's been awhile.  I also scheduled a client for later next week.


I had my interview at 9:15AM on Thursday.  It went better than I thought.  I wasn't nervous at all which is really odd for me but I did a lot of research on this place and honestly, I thought I was way out of my league.  The woman who interviewed  me was super nice.  We gelled fairly quickly and that resulted in a job offer for me.  I can't wait to start but I'm also WICKED nervous!  I put in my notice at my current job and hung out with my bestie. :)


I was off on Friday which was a much needed break from running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I spent most of the day de-cluttering my house. It rained a lot of the day too which kept Aoife in the window.  And I spent some time trying to decide how and if I might squeeze some vacation into this year since with my new job, I won't get any for a year. 


Yesterday was my niece's birthday.  I admit I wasn't really looking forward to it.  I had a long week of stress and I was tired. I had to last minute run out to get her gift and it turned out that they had BOTH things I had wanted to get her in stock for once.  I couldn't decide so I just got both. :/  Turns out I had a lot of fun at the party.  It's been a long time since I was on roller skates and I never realized how much I miss it! Might have to buy some now!

Well that's it for my week! How has your week been?

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  1. I love posts like these, it's so interesting to see what's going on in other people's lives!
    I'm glad for you that you got the job! :)