Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Week in Photos

It's that time again!! Here's my week in photos!!


Sunday my husband and I rented a movie.  It was my pick and for some reason I chose Young Adult.  It wasn't funny. It was actually almost painfully awkward. Been playing Draw Something more lately with my new stylus! Guess who? :)



Monday I made an appointment to see my Nail Tech teacher to get some last minute details before I go to State Board next week. I also got an offer to do some graduation nail art for a girl I recently did prom nails for.  


My mom brought me some peonies from my dad's flower bed to work. They're my favorite flower. I wrapped up a whole bunch of nail art for my other blog too. Exciting things are coming!

 Wednesday I FINALLY got to see my best friend again. It's been entirely too long.  We've been trying to beat this level in Little Big Planet called "The Bunker" for like, a year.  After much readjusting and many tries...we finally succeeded. And then realized the next level is just as awful!


 I met with my Nail Tech teacher Thursday. Got lots of info on State Board. I think it really helped to be back in the classroom! It made me way less nervous!  I also think I have a plan set up with my old deskmate to go up together. :)


 I got some pretties in the mail from one of my best internet buds, Debbie! I also got my new job sorted out so I can start on the 4th! I can't wait.  I made some chili for the chili cook off at work.


Today was a long day. I can't believe it's my last day at my job. I've been there off and on for 11 years. Yikes. :/ But I'm excited to start the next chapter in my life.  There was  a chili cook off today and I brought some vegetarian three bean chili.  I think it won....but I'll know tomorrow! ;)

So there you have it!! Not a very exciting week. Eventful though. I have the next two weeks off to prepare for my new job and my State Board test! Hope you all had a great week!

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