Saturday, May 26, 2012

My week in photos!

Well another week has come to a close. So here we go week in pictures!

Monday I really started to stress about the upcoming State Board test I had.  I spent most of the day cleaning because I knew I was leaving after Boards for vacation and I wouldn't have much time to do it when I got back.  I started to study, but didn't get far before I gave up!! And I did a run through to time my manicure procedure...came out with 17 minutes.


Tuesday I literally didn't do anything.  My husband and I cleaned out some junk we've been meaning to get rid of for forever and I bought some new clothes.  This is my kitty Aoife discovering grass for the very first time.  She loved it!


Wednesday I had a super freak out when I realized I was only two days from my State Board exams.  I finally got around to packing up my supplies, making my sand hand and checking and double checking I had all my supplies!! I never did get around to studying but I timed my acrylic sculpt (18 minutes) and re-timed my manicure (13 minutes!)


Thursday I thought I should take some time and relax so I took the kitties and my net book outside on the patio and spent most of my day uploading future blogs for my nail blog, drinking coffee, and enjoying the sunshine.  Sometime around 5 my nail school buddies, Dee Dee and Pauline came to pick me up for our trip to Columbus for the boards!  We had dinner at Sonic (Pauline had never been),  checked our supplies, and did a little bit of last minute cramming. 


Friday was my State Board exam.  I was FREAKING OUT.  It's so nerve wracking going in for something like that and not really knowing what to expect.  I got through the practicals OK and then freaked out again going into the written exam. I finished it in 10 minutes and when I turned in my paper to leave the woman at the desk said, "Wow! You're a fast test taker. Are you sure you're done?"  Way to build me up, lady.  At any rate I passed both tests handily.  :)  Now I'm a fully licensed Nail Technician!


Today has been kind of crazy.  I got an oil change, put air in my tires, set up my kitties things for my mom to watch them while I'm gone, cleaned my house a bit, and hit the road with my husband. :)  Found out on the way that there is a tropical sub storm system headed for the coast. Should storm everyday I'm at the beach.  Thanks for that.  Epic fail. :( Hopefully it redirects and we get some sunshine. I could use it.  Crashing in Princeton, WV for the night and hitting the road again in the morning! 

Hope you all had a great week! See you again next week!