Sunday, June 24, 2012

My week in photos...


 THIS was the highlight of my week.  The new Bieber album. Yep. That being said...I'll leave it at just the pictures this week...enjoy!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Week in Photos: June 10-16

Here we go again!! Here's my week in pictures...

Ah lazy Sundays...I relaxed on Sunday and gave myself a MUCH needed pedi.

Monday I had to drive to another spa location to do some extra training. It was fun but I prefer my location!  It also rained. :)

Tuesday I was at a different location again.  I got a test date to see when I can go on the floor (which means I've passed training, am officially hired and go to commission).  It was a fairly busy day but I got to go home pretty early which was nice.

Wednesday was a busy day at work.  I got to hang out with my best friend and grab some dinner and a catch up!!  I also made some more homemade coffee syrup. I can't believe how fast I went through the last round!

Thursday was a crazy day.  A girl called in and that meant everyone had to shift around to cover her clients.  I had to take one as well which was nerve wracking since I haven't fully tested out to be on the floor yet.  But it was fairly easy.  I also found out I'd be trained in the gel polish technique if I got through my test alright. :)

The big day! Friday! I had to test out on Friday and on top of having to test out ON my manager (hello nerves!?) I also had a trainee sitting next to me watching my every move.  Still, I made it through and now I'm a trained, tested, and fully functioning nail tech! Woohoo!! I also got to learn the Gelish polish and I got my very first gel mani.  I promptly filed off my thumb top coat with a foot file. Fail.

Saturday was my five year anniversary with my husband. It did NOT go as planned. But we managed to squeeze in some time to catch a movie (The Lorax) at the Dollar Theater. Fancy I know. All in all it was a BUSY week.  Next week will be both worse, and better since I start my ten hour shifts but at the same time I get an extra day off.  Crazy times. 

Did you all have a good week?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My week in photos: June 3-9

It's time for another week in pictures...and what a week it's been! It's going up a little late today since I've been so tired and busy that I haven't been able to do it!! Here we go...

Sunday we had just gotten home from the beach. It feels like years ago though! I cleaned out my suitcase and as soon as it was empty Aoife made it into her personal sleeping spot. Silly kitty.

Also on Sunday my husband and I did some shopping. I got a bunch of cute new clothes for work and a new iPhone.  We played with Siri to see what she was like!  :)

On Monday I went to my new job place to fill out some papers and get started!! I was so excited to start my first job as a nail tech!

Tuesday I started work.  I worked 9-5 which was actually a short shift!! I learned the salon/spa's technique for a manicure and then did a few people's nails. It was a busy day for me and I learned A LOT!

Wednesday was a SUPER long day.  I'll be working in 10 or 12 hour shifts when I start work so I did a ten hour day.  I learned the pedicure technique and spent a majority of the day testing out my skills on people.  By the time I went home my back and arms were KILLING me. I got my Klout perk in the mail (shown at left) and it's perfect timing!!

Thursday was a ten hour day as well and I had a FULLY booked schedule. I shoveled my lunch down in about five minutes while I soaked clients.  And I chugged a TON of coffee! But it went by really fast and I made some tips! :)

Friday I had another hella long day at work. But my sister came in and brought my niece so that brightened my day up!!  After work I did some hunting to see how I can use my new license to get some sweet new polishes, like the China Glaze Neons!!

Saturday my sister brought over her little girls and we went to the pool.  It was a good day to do it since it was so hot but the water was still pretty cold!  We ate some pizza and then my husband and I FINALLY got around to getting some groceries (it's been a month! :/)  

How was your week?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My week in photos!

 It's time for another week in photos!!! It's been a busy week and I've taken A LOT of photos! So I'm going to do this a little different this week and not break it down with one picture per day!! Enjoy!!

 So on Sunday we arrived at Myrtle Beach, SC.  It was actually the last day of Black Bike Week.  There were  bikers EVERYWHERE!  It was crazy talk.  I got some Starbucks for breakfast...

Then we got settled into our room. We've stayed here three times over the last five years. Somehow we always end up in the exact same room. Odd.

Then we hit the beach.  Since it was biker week it was the only quiet place on the strip anyway and it was meant to storm all week. Lame start to our vacation. :/

We spent the entire day Monday at the beach. It was supposed to rain all day Tuesday and Wednesday so we thought we better get our beach time in while the getting was good!

We had lunch at a walk up beach bar called Mako's.  I also got a delicious beverage (it had vodka in it. :P)

The  tropical storm stranded and killed a WHOLE ton of jellyfish (I have a whole post dedicated to this coming soon!) and we found them ALL over the beach.

The Dunkin Donuts was closer to our hotel than Starbucks so we tested them out for breakfast. Yuck.  The sandwich wasn't terrible, the tots were excellent and the coffee (the main reason I went there) was mostly milk and sugar. 

We spent the day at a shopping plaza even though as it turns out, it didn't rain.  This was a fritter appetizer we ordered.  All I could think when it came was Gordon Ramsay would have no kind words for the presentation!


We also went to North Myrtle Beach's shopping plaza's. They kind of sucked. But this was fun!

 Also found some sweet mustache shades!

My husband had this ridiculous amount of fried fish mess for dinner!

For lunch we went to The Tilted Kilt.  These ducks are called Mary and Joseph and they have no shame when it comes to begging for food. Mary actually almost stole a french fry out of my hand while it was on the way to my mouth.  Did I mention I don't like ducks?

It finally stormed Wednesday night. But it was done by morning. :)

So we had another beach day.  I have no idea what these tiny mollusk things are but they're fascinating and easy to catch so we always get a cupful to play with!

 Also had a nice 6.8 MILE impromptu walk.  Not. But we did spot the Mystery Machine!

 ...and a ninja fry!

The beach is so pretty at sunrise! We missed all the bad weather and I got a nice tan. :)

But it had to end eventually.

After a 12 hour drive, I was too happy to see this sign!! It's nice to be on the beach but it's so much nicer to be back in my own bed!!

...and my none too happy kitties!!

I hope you all had a great week too!!