Monday, June 18, 2012

My Week in Photos: June 10-16

Here we go again!! Here's my week in pictures...

Ah lazy Sundays...I relaxed on Sunday and gave myself a MUCH needed pedi.

Monday I had to drive to another spa location to do some extra training. It was fun but I prefer my location!  It also rained. :)

Tuesday I was at a different location again.  I got a test date to see when I can go on the floor (which means I've passed training, am officially hired and go to commission).  It was a fairly busy day but I got to go home pretty early which was nice.

Wednesday was a busy day at work.  I got to hang out with my best friend and grab some dinner and a catch up!!  I also made some more homemade coffee syrup. I can't believe how fast I went through the last round!

Thursday was a crazy day.  A girl called in and that meant everyone had to shift around to cover her clients.  I had to take one as well which was nerve wracking since I haven't fully tested out to be on the floor yet.  But it was fairly easy.  I also found out I'd be trained in the gel polish technique if I got through my test alright. :)

The big day! Friday! I had to test out on Friday and on top of having to test out ON my manager (hello nerves!?) I also had a trainee sitting next to me watching my every move.  Still, I made it through and now I'm a trained, tested, and fully functioning nail tech! Woohoo!! I also got to learn the Gelish polish and I got my very first gel mani.  I promptly filed off my thumb top coat with a foot file. Fail.

Saturday was my five year anniversary with my husband. It did NOT go as planned. But we managed to squeeze in some time to catch a movie (The Lorax) at the Dollar Theater. Fancy I know. All in all it was a BUSY week.  Next week will be both worse, and better since I start my ten hour shifts but at the same time I get an extra day off.  Crazy times. 

Did you all have a good week?

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