Sunday, July 1, 2012

My week in photos: June 22-28

Here we go's my week in pictures:

It has been brutally hot this week.  This was fine in the middle of the week when I went to the pool with my nieces but on Thursday I couldn't even walk to the mailbox.  Friday it stormed. Finally. But the heat combined with a storm front made for some very bad weather.  The power went out twice at my job which left our computer system crashed and meant that we had no idea what clients we had or when they had arrived (or not arrived).  Luckily it was near the end of the night that it happened.  Some of my co-workers didn't have power even the next morning but mine never went out, thank goodness.  My kitties were totally freaked when I got home though!!  I forgot my lunch several times this week too and I need to start being better about that.  There's really nothing worse than a ten hour day with no food. :(  I shared a Cliff bar with a co-worker though and she brought me some yummy pop-tarts the next day as a thank you. :)  Also made some time to go out with friends this week.  I get so tired that I don't want to do anything and then I sit around on my days off trying to relax--failing--and then progressively getting more and more depressed about being home all the time.  It's an endless cycle so this week I made myself make plans and stick to them.  My best friend and I saw Seeking A Friend for the End of the World.  Which is excellent.  I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, heartwarming, and also a bit depressing movie! I spent that morning swimming with my nieces and catching up on things with my sister.  Then on Thursday my husband and I rented The Grey and made vegetarian chicken parmesan.  Not my cup of tea but my husbands favorite Italian meal.  The Grey was also enjoyable but they really don't set you up for it in the previews.  It's borderline slasher film rather  than a thriller about survival.  I found out with a little research that Grey wolves are an endangered species and the foundation that protects them didn't want them to make any indication in the film's promotion that wolves were killing people in the film. So they didn't.  Makes for quite an interesting twist when the first one attacks them. lol...anyway...then yesterday we watched Unknown, which I've already seen but my husband hadn't.  We had a very Liam Neeson week and you can't beat that! I also got my business cards this week at work so I've been handing them out.  Hopefully people will rebook with me.  I just missed my goal this week which sucks. :( I was only under $90 and that means I have to pay service fees.  But I feel good about being so close anyway. :)  How was your week?

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