Sunday, August 12, 2012

My...well...some pictures!!

This was intended to be a week in pictures post but with all that's been going on there's certainly more than a week's worth of pictures to put up.  In the past month I've been through two jobs (LONG story) and back to the one I started with, learned that I might be moving...and then I might be moving somewhere else,  gotten sick, gotten better, had my husband leave town for like...forever (don't worry it's work related!), and had to rush my kitty to the vet after a serious scare.  So...that being are some pictures!!!

It's a lot I know!!!  From the top:
1. iChill came in the mail.  It was perfect timing cause I was stressing the new job. But alas, I still haven't tried it.
2. Aoife tore into my Zoya delivery.  Mess everywhere.
3.The man who keeps me sane!
4. Went to the fair and noticed this odd sticker on the ground. As if I thought it was a pepperoni?
5.Spotted at the liquor store. Need to try these!
6. Tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella. The perfect snack.
7. LOL is right. Is this for real?
8. Aoife had a lazy week with me.
9. Started a Project Runway nail series. I LOVE these.
10. Baby chicks at the fair! These are pretty much the only birds I trust.
11. Made my own whipped cream and drank it with hot chocolate. Yum.
12. OMG. Gross. Chicken at the fair.
13 and 14. Fun with nail art.
15. Eoghan chillin with a tissue box. Dork.
16. More nail art. My free Essie Klout perk came!
17. Made some polish rings.
18. Ouch. Jacked my foot my second day at job #2.
19. Top ten beauty items in my purse (yes I know only 8 are pictured!)
20. New job becomes old job. After too many ten hour shifts with ZERO breaks or food I couldn't take anymore.
21. Piggy at the fair. So cute!!
22. Spotted The Inbetweeners complete series at Best Buy. Best Buy is right. I wasted at least three days watching the whole thing AGAIN!


  1. i think you guess which one is my faovurite ..... love Aoife unwrapping your package for you. Sooooo helpful bless her x