Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wreck This Wednesday is Back!!

With a vengeance!  So you might remember awhile back I got a Wreck This Journal.  I really thought it was going to be SOOO much fun to wreck it in fabulous and ever more creative ways.  And yet...I just....couldn't.  I did all the easy things. Filled out the front. Labeled the pages. Even pushed myself to add a scent (BCBG perfume).  But when it came down to actual wreckage...I failed. I just couldn't bring myself to actually wreck it.  In a last ditch effort I asked my husband to break the spine...which he did with a bit of hesitation. Then I asked my niece to please stomp on it.  And still I never went any further with it.  Well...this past weekend I spent some time  away and my beautiful niece, Katelyn, who is pictured here alongside myself incognito:

helped me to wreck quite a few pages.  And now that it's pretty should be no biggie to destroy the rest...right?

Here is destructive page number one!!

AHHHH look at it!! Just LOOK.AT.IT.  Terrible. Yet fun!!  Stay tuned for next Wednesday's Wreck This post!!!

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