Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cosmo Vox Box

OK so I don't know how many of you are familiar with a website called Influenster, but I recently signed up to see what all the hype was about.  It seems to work in a similar manner to Klout, except that while Klout uses your web activity to generate a score for you, Influenster asks you to work for it.  At first I was sort of disenchanted by it.  I asked for an invite, made a profile, wasted TONS of time choosing badges and writing reviews.  I linked up all my social media sites...and score was zero.  How could that be?  So I did more reviews, answered questions...etc.  But it remained at zero.  So after that I thought, well forget it.  It's a lot of work and if all that did nothing to improve my score then I'm over it.  Then...weeks after the fact...something happened.  I got a message from Influenster that said I was elegible to recieve a Cosmo VoxBox.  What?  I went back to the site to take a short survey and my scores were WAY up there.  So moral of the story is there is a bit of a time delay on your activity on the site.  Even better?  I scored a free box of swag!! As soon as it got here my cats had to hone in to see if there was anything they wanted.  Aoife chose a red pen while Eoghan went for the gauze bag.  He loves those things.  After I hunted them down and retrieved the stolen goods I got to work checking out what was inside.

And here it is.  Much like a Birchbox it came with a little card to let me know what was included and some fun things about each one.  There was a bottle of Red perfume from Bath and Body Works, two FriXion pens, a Ghiradelli chocolate  bar, a Venus Embrace razor and a Venus Olay blade. 

What was I most excited for? The pens of course!! And let me tell you, I love them.  Not only do they write smoothly but...wait for it...they erase!! Gel pens which erase!?  It's pure magic.

I already have a Venus razor so this is nothing new to me.  On a tip many years ago I started using Mach blades on my Venus razors.  The razor has amazing "hug" and give to glide smoothly around curves but Mach blades have better precision.  Still I'm stoked to try out the Olay ones. Let's face it, blades aren't cheap so free is always better!

The Red perfume smells nice.  It's sort of fruity but also a little vanilla laced.  I prefer lighter florals and richer earthy scents but I'm impressed it's from Bath and Body Works and not a higher end brand.

And last...the chocolate...I actually can't eat this because milk choclate causes me to have migraines (and also I think it's disgusting).  But my husband greatfully obliged so I'll have his expert opinion soon! :)

Did any of you get a Vox Box?  

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