Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Hunt for the Perfect Soy Milk

Cutting dairy out of my diet has been really difficult for me. Like all good Americans, I LOVE cheese. But when I started to try to eliminate dairy, I found that the thing I've had the hardest time giving up is milk. It's not just that I really, REALLY love's that there just isn't anything I've been able to find that replicates it's thick, creamy, satisfying qualities. And the problem isn't just with drinking's with cooking. Like the foodie I am, I tried all sorts of milk substitutes: Rice milk (too thin), Almond milk (too nutty), Hemp milk (too...weird) and of course, the old standby Soy milk. Mostly I use soy milk for my morning coffee, Starbucks uses West Soy and since I've been able to find it at my local Dollar Tree (score!) I've been using it too. For coffee purposes it's fine (though when I have extra money I prefer Silk's Vanilla Soy creamer) but for drinking just doesn't quite compare to milk. And while cooking with it has yielded fully edible results, the creaminess just isn't there. Enter West Soy Organic Soy milk. Who would have thought that going organic would make such a difference with soy milk? The thing is, as with all milk substitutes, there isn't just soy beans in that soy milk you're drinking. There are sweeteners in there too. I found this out the hard way when I made Mac and Cheese with non-organic Hemp milk. The finished product had this odd sweetish taste that rendered it nearly inedible. West Soy Organic soy milk has two ingredients: soy beans and water. That's it. That's all. And it is amazing! It tastes as close to milk as you can get (I'm a whole milk drinker myself so if you prefer 2% or 1% it's probably even closer) and with cooking there's virtually no difference from milk. I haven't tried organic rice, almond or hemp milk yet but I intend to check those out as well. And of Dollar Tree West Soy will still get use in my just can't beat 1.00 for a quart!

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  1. I had NO IDEA you can get soy milk at the Dollar Tree?! I will definitely look into that! I love drinking almond milk as a treat :)