Monday, January 14, 2013

Bento of the week: American Style

It's time for another bento box!! This week I went with an American style box since I hadn't done a grocery run a while and didn't have much on hand.  I don't normally eat a lot of processed foods and I'm in the process of going vegan (slowly!) so this box was kind of a treat for me!  Anyway inside I had some mini grilled cheese on nut bread, a salad with cranberries and almonds and a raspberry vinagrette and some yellow tomato soup. I also had this nut mix on hand that I threw on the side. It's made up of cashews, almonds, peanuts, multi-grain noodles and peas tossed in an Indian spice. Yum. :)  I didn't have a long enough day this week to get a lunch (again) so if I had to take this in for a lunch I might have chosen a different sandwich since the grilled cheese wouldn't stay warm. I used my Hello Kitty box again.  I'm going to do a post later about some of the boxes I have.  They can be pretty expensive online and while I'd LOVE to buy a legit one from somewhere, for the moment most of what I'm using is repurposed. My Hello Kitty box is the only one which is actually meant for bento and I picked it up for $.49 at a thrift store. It's fairly small though so I usually have to pack other containers on the side. For the kawaii sandwiches I used a bread cutter I got a 

I assembled the grilled cheese and then cut them before grilling. I love the kitty shapes on this! :)  Have a happy week.

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