Monday, January 7, 2013

Bento of the week: Gyoza and Ramen

Easy Bento for this week because I'm super tired and sick.  It was super yummy though and made with things I already had on hand. Here's the spread:

There is a shiitake mushroom ramen broth, undon noodles, tonkatsu 'chicken', veggie gyoza and then some dipping sauce for the gyoza.  Most of this came from pre-made packs. I don't usually do that but like I said I'm sick and it was easy. The gyoza was a frozen pack.  I just cooked it in some water and it was ready to go.  Undon noodles were boiled in salted water for six minutes and then rinsed and drained. The tonkatsu 'chicken' is made from Gardien brand vegetarian chicken strips.  The broth is a ramen pack by XOYO brand. It's the soba ramen blend and I added the broth of the soaked shiiatke mushrooms, some shoyu and rice vinegar and a splash of chili oil for heat. Then I made the gyoza sauce from shoyu, rice vinegar and chili oil as well.  I used my Hello Kitty box to house the noodles, tonkatsu and gyoza. If I'd been working today I'd have fit the sauce in too and then put the broth in a separate container to combine at lunch time. But since I'm's a pic of the soup combined:

Yum. :)  Easy, satisfying bento for the day.

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