Monday, January 21, 2013

Influenster Palmolive Box...

Well joining Influenster has turned out to be a pretty sweet deal! In case you missed my last blog post on this, Influenster is a free site which allows you to review new products and occasionally sends you products to try and review yourself.  The last box I received was a Cosmo VoxBox.  It was actually pretty cool, it had a pen in it which I LOVED and ended up buying more of (erasable GEL people! ERASABLE!!), a razor I had one of already but now have new blades for (SWEET) and more fun stuff.  This time around, I was selected for a brand box.  The brand? Palmolive.  Two things that make me really happy about this box:
One: Colgate-Palmolive is on PETA's working for a regulatory change list.  This means that they do not test on animals except where the law requires it.  So this is a product I could actually potentially buy.
Two: My dishwasher is a POS and I really needed some dish soap!

There are three scents in the box: Lime Basil (smells like a margarita!), Lemon Thyme (gave this to my mom!), and Ginger White Tea, which is my personal favorite.  The smell is great but better still is the bottles! They're slim and pretty and actually look like much more expensive soap than they are.   So how do they work? we go....

Look at all those fluffy bubbles!! I'll start by saying that these are concentrated so you can use about half as much as you would normally.  I did an entire round of dishes in this sink and when I finished the water still looked fresh and there were still bubbles.  My dishes were clean, sparkly and shiny.  The soap didn't dry my hands but it also didn't make them feel super moisturized.   The smell of these is subtle but it lasts and it's fresh and clean. Overall...I think I like these a lot.  I've tried lots of dish soaps and most of them (that WORK) are drying to my hands or they don't clean well so this was a pleasant surprise!  Influenster also sent me some coupons for these which I've distributed amongst my friends!  I can't wait to see how they like them. :)

Have you tried the new Palmolive soaps? Do you love them?

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