Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Bites...

Today was a super lazy Sunday!  It was time change here and we lost an hour. That's super lame and it always makes me really tired!!  It was also really nice out for a change which makes the kitties extra lazy!! I mostly stayed in and relaxed.  I also have some really super vegan and vegetarian recipes coming up soon!  But in the mean time, here's a little TASTE of my day!!

I snagged some Garlic Sourdough bread on quick sale at the international market and I made good use of it today!  Breakfast was toasted slices with Irish butter, steak fried mushrooms and two eggs. I learned an amazing egg trick the other day for making your over easy eggs gorgeous like these ones!

I had a mid morning snack of Nutella Banana smoothie. :) Yum and super duper easy.

Lunch was such a throw away. I wasn't feeling super ambitious. I used my bread again but this time I grilled it and then added some fried potatoes, lettuce and cheese and then a little bit of Bacon Salt. Then I had some lentil crackers with Snofrisk and some sliced strawberrys.  I'm really working on adding more fruit to my diet!

For dinner I had this mix of quinoa, kale, onions and mushrooms.  I'm pretty proud of this meal price wise because it was practically free.  The quinoa came in an Eco Emi box, the mushrooms were closeout at the market, the onions and spices I had on hand and the kale was .69.  Win. 

What did you eat today?

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