Monday, June 24, 2013

American Girl Doll Day...

Well today was a very special day for my niece. Sometime back in May she received her first ever American Girl Doll, and today, for a treat, my sister, mother and I went up to the new American Doll store and had lunch and got her some little toys for her doll.  If you're not familiar with the dolls, they're basically a line of dolls which is meant to represent all types of girls from toddlers all the way through puberty. You can literally customise your doll to look exactly like your little girl, right down to wheel chairs, glasses, hearing aids and even what they like to do.  There wasn't one that my niece was really into so they got her Saige who is the special doll this year.  She's only available from January to December 2013.  She looks like this:

Saige is into horses and art.  She also supposedly has auburn hair which I take some issue with (looks brown to me) but anyway. We took my niece along with Saige to the store today and to get some lunch.

Our lunch reservation got messed up but luckily the nice people at the store fit us in.  This was our table setting. SO MUCH PINK. But really cute.  The box you see on the top left is filled with little questions like 
"What is your earliest childhood memory?" 
"What would you like to be famous for?"
which you ask your table mates while you wait for your food.  They sell this little game as a keyring in the store.  We had fun going around the table asking all the questions.  

 Everything here is so cute and girly!! I got the tomato soup and grilled cheese.  It's at the top left in this picture. It also came with some fruit. Notice the little star shaped crouton which matches the star logo (also featured on the menu and napkin ring).  For dessert I had some kind of flowerpot mousse. It even had a little flower and two tiny cookies!! The bottom right here is a view of part of the restaurant. Still very pink and girly! One really cute thing is that Saige got her own little chair and food and cup!  The associates were also super duper nice and friendly. 

Cute, right?
All in all it was a fun but tiring day!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Wishful Green Thumb...

This little plant is a cutting from a Hoya my aunt has.  It came from her grandmothers plant and in like, 1987 she got her own piece to start growing.  At some point two summers ago, while we were visiting her, the Hoya she was growing actually bloomed.  This is what it looks like:

Sweet, right?  I've never actually seen/heard of a Hoya until this happened.  It's a flower, yeah but it's not like one of those fancy girly flowers with sweet scents and fluffy petals floating in the wind.  It's  waxy and sturdy and each variety has its own, unique scent. It's also a quite temperamental plant, which I like cause let's face it, all of us are a little difficult at times, no? It might bloom the first year, or maybe after two or three. It needs lots of light, but indirect.  You can't repot it or trim the dead blooms or you risk it NEVER blooming. I'm not great at plants.  I'm great at forgetting about them, killing them, and subjecting them to endless kitty torture.  Most plants do not last in my house so while I REALLY wanted one of these for myself I was reluctant to take one. Who wants to be the person who kills the family plant? Not me.  Still, my curiosity overrode my fear and I got a clipping from my mom.  Above is the plant when I first got it.  And one month later...

It grew! It grew about an inch!  I don't actually play with this thing cause I'm like, terrified it will die.  So here's what I do...I leave it outside in indirect sun when it's warm and in the winter months I put it in a high window where the kitties can't nom it.  When it's dry (or more likely, when I remember) I water it. Just until no more water will soak rapidly into the dirt.  It's pretty low maintenance really. I've read lots of blogs which say I should be feeding the little guy all sorts of plant foods but really, I don't have the time or inclination for that and he seems to be doing fine on his own.  No blooms yet but hey, maybe he's a slow one!  So cut to now, a year after I first obtained my little plant AND...

Be proud you guys! Not only is he still ALIVE (always a plus) but he's grown a WHOLE NEW STEM. Woo!! I don't think it's anywhere near the blooming stage but the fact that it even still exists and hasn't like, shriveled and died is a near miracle in itself.  I couldn't be more proud!  I will definitely update this as time goes on but for confidence is building. Maybe in a few years I'll be able to handle those pesky African Violets! ;)

Bee xx