Monday, July 1, 2013

Vegan Corndogs

Well summer is officially here!  After a few weeks of ninety degree heat it's pretty much irrefutable at this point!  Over the weekend I went to the zoo with a friend and on the way we spotted this! The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.  This is actually my second spotting of the Weinermobile and neither time I was able to go inside. Lame I know. But it reminds me that the fair is quickly approaching and that got me thinking of fair food which got me craving a corn dog.  Normally I stay away from pre-made veggie treats.  I do like Quorn 'meat' products and use them here and again but you really have to watch for soy based items and many of them are no better for you than any standard frozen boxed fare.  Since I didn't have any premade corn dogs on hand, but  I DID have some LightLife Smart Dogs, I decided to try to wing it for myself!

They came out fairly well!  One thing I didn't anticipate was how deep the oil would need to be. You can fry them by rolling them in oil apparently but let's face it, someone as klutzy as myself should not be attempting that! So I had to tilt my oil a bit. You could probably fry them without a stick or just use oil deep enough to accommodate your dog! I also did not have any actual corn dog sticks but I used bamboo skewers left over from summer barbeques last year!  They're sort of long but worked like a charm!  Here's the recipe!

For the batter:
1/2c yellow cornmeal
1/2c flour (plus a little extra to roll dogs in)
1/8t salt
1/2c sugar
2t baking powder
1 flax seed egg* (or the equivalent of one egg in your choice of substitute)
1/2c unsweetened, organic soy milk

In addition:
One package LightLife Smart Dogs (or 8 vegan dogs of your choice)
Oil for deep frying
8 Skewers 

*Flax seed egg can be made by pulsing flax seeds in a coffee grinder until fine. Add 1T flax seed to 3T water and let sit a few minutes until it thickens

How to make the corn dogs:

Preheat the oil.  Mix the batter ingredients in a bowl until well combined. Skewer the hot dogs and roll them lightly in flour. Then batter them and fry for about 2 minutes or until crispy and brown. 

Eat and enjoy!!

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