Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adventures in Crafting: The Knitting Edition

Knitting is not like riding a bike.  If you stop doing it for any period of time, you WILL forget how. And you'll end up with a mess that looks something like this:

Sometime around fall of last year I decided that knitting would be a fun thing to do.  My mother does it as though she's a machine.  I kid you not, she can literally knit you a blanket in a day.  And everything she makes with it is so stretchy and soft and knitty. :)  So I enlisted her help in teaching me.  Everything went great until she left.  And I stopped knitting.  Five minutes later when I returned to continue my progress it literally looked like a mass of confusing strings and sticks and I had no idea what to put where.  So at work the next day I implored her to show me what I was doing wrong (it was backward).  And...then I got busy as things do and I put my 'scarf' to the side for awhile.  Cut to yesterday.  With my husband working all day and it being entirely too hot to be outside...I had little to keep me occupied.  I painted my nails (of course), made a few plushies...

Even made some scented paper.  Yeah. Paper. Because the only thing greater than paper is MORE paper. And after all that I decided to try to finish my scarf.  Bad idea.  I thought I had the gist of it...and then I thought maybe I'll just look online and it will jog my memory as to how this is done.  Worse idea.  I mean, have you SEEN the tutorials online for knitting? It's no wonder people buy machines for this.  It's like a whole other language.  So...I did what any sane person would, I didn't throw the whole thing in the trash and just buy a stupid scarf. Though, logically, it would have been less trying.  I called my mom.  And this time I'm not so much as going to the restroom til this scarf is finished.  I WILL remember how to knit. (for at least a few more months :P)

Bee x

Side note: My mother is the queen of all crafts. I'm convinced there is literally nothing she can't do.  So if you're not blessed with a wonderfully crafty mom like mine, you might ask a crafty friend for help. (Or you can borrow my mom. Just remember to return her)

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