Friday, November 1, 2013

Sick Day

Thing I do when I'm sick:

Drink fancy coffee from my Keurig out of various Disney mugs.

Snuggle up with fat, fuzzy kitties.

Watch the entire series of The Office....on marathon. 

Eat random food off of a tray.  Everything tastes better on a tray, right?  

My random quick lunch today has: Butternut Squash soup, Go Veggie! Cheddar Cheese grilled cheese sandwich (on wheat), Gingerale, Chinese crunchy noodles and Indian spiced roasted Chick Peas (an odd but yum combination) and Lucy's vegan chocolate chip cookies.  

Lots of this came from a vegan swap which I'll be updating you with later in the week but I want to highlight that these cookies are made of garbanzo bean flour and THEY. ARE. DELICOUS. Vegan, gluten, nut and dairy free and SO YUM.

And now I must return to Scranton, PA. I hope everyone is having a good Friday and the rest of you aren't sickies like me!! :)